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VAIO GOLD CAPSULE  contains Omega-3-fatty acids, Green tea extract, Ginkgo biloba, Ginseng Grape seed extract, Multivitamins, multiminerals and Trace elements .Omega fatty acids supports in improving lipid levels – supports in reducing LDL & TG (bad cholesterol) and supports in increasing HDL (good cholesterol) . VAIO GOLD CAPSULE shows combined benefits of green tea extract, Ginkgo biloba, grape seed extract, wheat germ oil, omega 3 fatty acids, mixed carotenoids, ginseng extract and other Vitamins and minerals with absorption enhancer, Piperine.
· Effective in chronic conditions, such as, heart disease, diabetes, heart failure, COPD
· Reduces fatigue in all age groups,
· In elderly age helps in improving the sense of well being.
· Also reduces vertigo and tinnitus and leads to symptomatic improvement in cerebral disorders with age-induced neurodegeneration.
· Omega 3 fatty acids in VAIO GOLD CAPSULE  have  beneficial effects on a number of organs in the body, including the cardiovascular system, brain and even depression.
· Indicated in General Weakness, Intense fatigue, Lethargy, Convalescence, Weakness, Lack of concentration, Confusion and Irritability.

Use under medical supervision.


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