VA U Tablet
500 tablets

Information about VA U Tablet

VA U Tablet contains Terminalia Chebula - 170 mg, Rock Salt - 50 mg, Trachyspermum Ammi - 25 mg, Shankh Bhasma - 25 mg, Sodii Carbonas - 75 mg, Black Salt - 25 mg, and Ferula Foetida - 5 mg.

Role of key ingredients:
Terminalia chebula prevents digestive disorders like bile duct disorders, dysentry, indigestion, and constipation.
Rock salt helps improve digestion and appetite. It prevents digestive and laxative disorder.
Trachyspermum ammi prevents gastro-intestinal disorder. Shankh bhasma cures abdominal pain and gastritis.
Sodii carbonas releases sodium which regulates the acid levels in the stomach.
Black salt relieves heartburn and intestinal gas, and also cures constipation. Ferula foetida aids in digestion.

VA U Tablet treats flatulence as it facilitates easy expulsion of gas.

Use under medical supervision.
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