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Uveto Spf 50 Lotion

Uveto Spf 50 Lotion

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Information about Uveto Spf 50 Lotion

Uveto SPF 50 Lotion contains Oxybenzone, Zinc, and Avobenzone.
Role of key ingredients:
Oxybenzone is used as an active ingredient in many cosmetic products due to its ability to absorb UVB and some UVA rays.
Zinc is used for skin condition such as burns, scars and irritations. It also have antibacterial property.
Avobenzone has ability to protect the skin from sun rays. It works by absorbing the rays and converting them to energy that is less destroying to the skin.
Uveto SPF 50 Lotion is used as sun screen, to provide protection against harmful sun rays.
Directions of use:
Apply thin film of Uveto SPF 50 Lotion to the exposed area while going out in sun.
Use under medical supervision
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