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(10 capsules in strip)
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Ubiq Capsule contains Coenzyme Q10 (ubidecarenone), Selenium and Arginine. It is a supplement with antioxidants given for heart disease, asthma, migraine, chronic fatigue syndrome male infertility .
Ubidecarenone is a fat-soluble compound (chemical) synthesized by the body, required for the proper function of many organs and chemical reactions in the body. It also acts as an antioxidant (substance that protects against cell damage) by neutralizing the free radicals.
Arginine is used for heart and blood vessel conditions including congestive heart failure (CHF), chest pain , high blood pressure , and coronary artery disease . L-arginine is also used for recurrent pain in the legs due to blocked arteries , decreased mental capacity in the elderly, erectile dysfunction (ED), and male infertility .

Use under medical supervision.


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