Tricotol Syrup

Information about Tricotol Syrup

Tricotol Syrup contains Tricholine citrate, and Sorbitol solution.

Role of active ingredients:
Tricholine citrate is used for the treatment of hepatic disorders in adults. Tricholine citrate exerts lipotropic action in the hepatic cells, can lower the symptoms of asthma and reduces the pro-inflammatory and inflammatory mediators of leukotriene pathway
Sorbitol also known as glucitol is a sugar alcohol and has a laxative effect. It works by retaining fluid in the colon, which helps to increase muscle movement in the intestines.

Tricotol Syrup is used for:
Treatment of liver disorders
Inflammation of the liver, hepatitis, obstruction of the bile ducts due to cirrhosis.
As a appetite stimulant

Use under medical supervision
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