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    Thank OD (Euphorbia prostrata dry extract) is a completely safe and effective herbal drug that helps in effective relief from various signs and symptoms of haemorrhoids including bleeding, anal discomfort, anal itching. It has also been shown to be quite effective in terms of non-recurrence of bleeding.
    The principle active constituents of Thank OD (Euphorbia prostrata dry extract) include flavonoids like apigenin, luteolin (and their glucosides), phenolic acids like ellagic acid, gallic acid and tannins. 
    All these constituents have been shown to affect the function of enzyme systems critically involved in the generation of inflammatory mediators like hyaluronidase, protein kinase C, 5 –lipoxigenase, cyclooxygenase etc,thus reducing inflammation. 
    They also decrease leukocyte infiltration in the inflammatory tissue and inhibit platelet adhesion, aggregation and secretion. 
    The phenolic acids activate intrinsic blood coagulation by activation of Hageman factor and cause a state of hypercoagulability, thus decreasing bleeding. 
    Use under Medical Supervision


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