Sweetnij Tablet

Sweetnij Tablet


Information about Sweetnij Tablet

Sweetnij tablet is an Aspartame based Low-Calorie Sweetener with a sugar like taste without any bitter aftertaste.

Aspartame is  approximately 180 times sweeter than sucrose. Aspartame has established itself as an important component in thousands of foods & beverages in the low and reduced calorie market, in the last two decades.
Sweetnij is a healthier substitute of sugar with low or reduced calorie while maintaining great taste. Thus, Sweetnij offers a  simple way  to help you move closer to achieving a healthier diet and hence a healthier life by reducing chances of weight gain and related diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.
Each Sweetnij tablet contains 18 mg of aspartame. Each tablet of Sweetnij is equivalent to one teaspoon of sugar and gives only 0.36 calories as against 20 calories in one teaspoon of sugar.
Sweetnij mixes well with almost everything. Add Sweetnij to your tea, coffee, fruit juices or home made deserts or to anything instead of adding sugar.
Storage: Store in dry and cool place 

Not recommended for children. 
Use under Medical supervision.
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