Suncros Gel
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Information about Suncros Gel

Suncros Gel is a broad spectrum sunscreen in the form of a gel providing protection from harmful UV rays of Sun. Suncros Gel contains Avobenzone, Octyl methoxycinnamate, Oxybenzone and Zinc oxide.

Benefits of key ingredients:
Avobenzone absorbs the whole UVA spectrum from 310-400 nm. This makes it an ideal additive to any sunscreen formulation.
Octinoxate or Octyl methoxycinnamate a non PABA sunscreen agent, used in suncreens to absorb UV-B rays from the sun, protecting the skin from damage.
Zinc oxide is truly a broad-spectrum blocker, protecting from UVA, UVB, and even UVC.

Benefits of Suncros Gel:
Water resistant
Completely preservative free

Direction for use:
Apply on to the face and exposed areas of skin 15 mins before sun exposure. It is very effective to protect your skin from harmful UV rays of Sun.

Use under Medical Supervision.
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