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Strataderm Gel

Information about Strataderm Gel

Strataderm Gel is a silicone based, transparent, rapidly drying gel that is used to treat scars. The silicone in the gel creates a protective sheet around the skin which moisturises and prevents the scar from getting infected by chemical and microbial agents. Strataderm gel restores the function of stratum corneum and reduces Trans-Epidermal Water Loss. The scar gel flattens, smooths and soothes rough scars and reduces its irritation and discoloration. 
Strataderm works on all types of scars including those resulting from general surgery, trauma, chronic wounds, burns, or bites. It can be used for old and new scars
Directions of use:
Clean the scarred area and dry it off
Apply a thin layer of Strataderm scar therapy gel and allow it to dry
Apply it once daily or twice daily as necessary.
Use under medical supervision.

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