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Solu resorcinol Lotion contains Resorcinol, Mercuric chloride, and Tincuture Cantheridin.

Role of active ingredients:
Resorcinol is used externally, it is an antiseptic and disinfectant, and in the treatment of chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis, hidradenitis suppurativa, and eczema of a sub-acute character, useful in allaying the itching in erythematous eczema and used as an anti-dandruff agent in shampoo or in sunscreen cosmetics. Resorcinol is highly effective not only in controlling fungal infection but it also removes the scales and Dandruff from the surface on the scalp
Mercuric chloride, being a potent Antibacterial and Antifungal compound, helps to eliminate Bacteria and fungi or Mixed infection from the root of the hair.
Tincuture Cantheridin enhance blood circulation which helps nutrients to be brought to the root of the hair and in the process the root is strengthened.
Solu resorcinol lotion:
Provides excellent remedy by removing scales from the surface of the skin and promoties growth of hair on the head by stimulating & regenerating hair follicles.
Prevents growth of pityrosporum ovale & keep the scalp clean, free from Dandruff & thus prevents premature Baldness.

Directions of use:
The Scalp should be washed and cleaned with shampoo twice a week. Lotion should be applied and rubbed on the scalp twice a day in the morning & again in the evening. During therapy application of oil is to be avoided.

Use under medical supervision.


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