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Slimmerz Capsule

Slimmerz Capsule


Information about Slimmerz Capsule

Slimmerz is 100% natural. It is formulated with a combination of high quality natural plant extract. It helps to burn fat and separating sugar in the blood. It's also safe, stable and effective.
Overweight individuals tend to have more white fat cells compared to brown fat cells (also known as "baby fat") which is essential to help burn calories and produce heat, thus keeping body warm and lean. In addition, human bodies are likely to produce more fat to absorb excessive acids in maintaining a healthy pH balance, which inevitably contributed to overweight and obesity. It utilizes advanced herbal formulation that effectively solve the fundamental root of obesity through achieving an optimum balance between brown (fat burning) and white (fat storing) fat cells besides adjusting body acidity and alkalinity.
Slimmerz is recommended for obesity and flabby skin problem.

Directions of use:-
2 - 4 capsules each time, 2 times daily

Use under medical supervision.
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