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Sepgard Tulle Pouch

Sepgard Tulle Pouch

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Information about Sepgard Tulle Pouch

Sepgard Tulle Pouch contains feracrylum 1percent w/w with an unmatched hemostatic/ antifibrinolytics action (promote blood clot), powerful antimicrobial action and sustained hygroscopic action. Feracrylum exerts  hemostatic action by forming a complex with plasma proteins like albumin; in the form of an adduct. It prevents the breakdown of the fibrin clot or forms a barrier to bleeding. It also has local antiseptic action.
Sepgard Tulle Pouch is useful in Post-operative wound dressing, Dressing raw area, Dental extractions, Oral surgery, Dressing of various types of wounds, Surgical procedures for dressing of burn site, Packing of abscess, post-operative packing epistaxis, sub mucous resection of nasal septum.
Directions for use: Powder from pouch to be directly applied or poured on the bleeding surface without dilution.
Use under medical supervision.
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