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Sebamed Baby Kit contains the Baby lotion, Diaper rash cream, Soothing massage oil and the Cleansing bar.

Cleansing Bar- It is a mild and soap-free formula that keeps the baby skin soft and smooth. It particularly uses nourishing ingredients like lecithin and magnesium aspartate to clean off the skin and hydrate it.
Baby Lotion- It is an effective emollient that offers gentle protection and keeps dryness away.
Diaper Rash Cream- It contains the goodness of Panthenol that encourages healing process and offers gentle protection against rashes.
Soothing Massage Oil- With soya oil extracts and Vitamin F, the oil ensures that baby skin is free of irritation. This works well on most skin types and can especially do well when applied onto dry skin spots. The products are made to keep a baby free from harmful germs.

Ideal pH for healthy skin is pH 5.5. When the baby is born, skin pH is 7. The acid mantle which protects the baby's delicate skin takes a few weeks to 3 months for development, the pH of the skin then becomes 5.5. In this period using baby skin care product with pH 5.5, helps in the faster development of skin pHto 5.5.

Use under medical supervision


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