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    SAN Tight Xtreme Reloaded V3 Capsule

    (120 capsules in packet)
    SAN Tight Xtreme Reloaded V3 Capsule
    Product Details
    San Tight Xtreme Reloaded V3 Capsule the ideal fusion of ingredients to create the perfect fat burner.
    San Tight Xtreme Reloaded V3 Capsule has Caffeine which is a potent thermogenic agent which is proven to mobilize fat as an energy source, and it has the ability to support focus and enhance power output.
    Caffeine plays a key role in the effectiveness of Tight! Xtreme Reloaded, it’s only one element of the Evapor8™ Total Body Fat Assault Matrix. Sulbutiamine and beta-phenethylamine help support mental focus and have mood-elevating properties to keep you going every day. Hordenine is a lipolytic stimulant which not only burns fat, but helps regulate bodyweight to help keep it off. The combination of FucoPure®, ChiliMax™ and synephrine work as thermogenic metabolic regulators that promote fat burning, and yohimbine helps to heighten blood flow and adds to the mood-elevating factors of Tight! Xtreme Reloaded.
    San Tight Xtreme Reloaded V3 Capsule maintain the highest levels of focus and drive to power through the hardest workouts and shed every ounce of fat from your body, Tight! Xtreme Reloaded is the undeniable choice.
    San Tight Xtreme Reloaded V3 Capsule offers:
    Helps stimulate maximum fat burning
    Amplifies energy for increased power & endurance
    Enhanced mood-elevating properties
    Promotes in boosting overall metabolic rate
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