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S Nil  Capsule

Information about S Nil Capsule

S Nil Capsule is a herbal formulation, especially designed for dissolving kidney stones (Renal calculi) and relieving pain associated with it.It helps in spontaneous passage of calculi. S Nil Capsule contains Crataeva Nurvala, Dolichos Biflorus, Raphanus Sativus, Achyranthes Aspera, Boerhavia Diffusa and Tribulus Terrestris.

Benefits of S Nil Capsule:
Treats kidney and gall bladder stone.
Dissolves the stones and drive it out through the ureters.
Cures painful urination
Removes intense pain.
Heals the kidney and other related parts.
Best option to save from painful surgery.
Prevents the recurrence of stone formation.
100% safe and natural.
No side effects.

Use under medical supervision
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