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    Rozycal Capsule

    (10 capsules in strip)
    Rozycal Capsule
    Product Details
    Rozycal is a Fixed-Dose Combination (FDC) Drug Brand.This medicine is combination of more than one active ingredient or substance within a single pharmaceutical form type. The main active ingredients or salts in this drug are Vitamin D3, Calcium Citrate,Magnesium,Selenium,Vitamin E. This drug comes in the form of Capsule.
    The main active ingredients or salts in Rozycal are :
    Calcium Citrate-500 mg
    Vitamin D3-125 iu
    Vitamin E-100 iu
    Selenium-50 mcg
    Magnesium-25 mg

    Rozycal Capsule is a medicine that is used for the treatment of Low Blood Calcium Levels, Vitamin D Deficiency, Heart Attack, Chest Pain, Leg Pain Due To Blocked Arteries, High Blood Pressure and other conditions.


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