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Roop Mantra Lime & Aloevera Soap

Roop Mantra Lime & Aloevera Soap

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Information about Roop Mantra Lime & Aloevera Soap

Roop Mantra Lime & Aloevera Soap is made with the lime & aloe-vera along with Gangajal which form a rich lather over the skin and helps to moisturize, revitalize and youthful glow of the skin. Roop mantra lime & Aloe-vera helps to remove dirt, grime and excess oil from the skin surface and make it soft and supple. The presence of Aloe vera helps to lighten skin tone and prevent skin from acne, blemishes, and pimples. Roop Mantra soaps help to refresh skin and tighten the skin pores. It also helps to relieve from pigmentation, dark spots, acne, and scars.
Benefits of Roop Mantra Lime & Aloevera Soap:
Helps to maintain youthful glow on the skin.
Helps to prevent sunburn and reduces tan.
Moisturize the skin.
Prevent from pre-mature signs of aging.
Helps to remove stretch marks or skin pigmentation marks.
Directions of use:
Roop Mantra Lime & Aloevera Soap can be regularly used on face and body, as a bath soap.
Use under medical supervision.

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