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Remethyl Plus Tablet

Remethyl Plus Tablet

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Information about Remethyl Plus Tablet

Remethyl Plus Tablet contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, Folic Acid, Methylcobalamin, and Vitamin B6.

Role of key ingredients:
Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that enhances the functions of vitamin E and vitamin C. It also helps prevent anaemia by preventing the breakdown of red blood cells.
Folic Acid is a form of Vitamin B that is required for the production of red blood cells.
Methylcobalamin helps the body to produce healthy red blood cells and nerve cells. It prevents and treats Vitamin B12 deficiency which may cause anaemia and damage to the nerves. It is also used to treat peripheral neuropathy and diabetic neuropathy.
Vitamin B6 is required by the body to produce haemoglobin. Lack of vitamin B6 leads to vitamin-deficiency anaemia

Remethyl Plus Tablet is a powerful neuro protector which is useful for chronic neuropathic pain & numbness associated with Lumbago, Spondylitis, Sciatica & Neuritis.

Use under medical supervision.
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