Red Iron Syrup

Red Iron Syrup


Information about Red Iron Syrup

Red Iron syrup  provides a source of iron
Iron is of tremendous value to the human body. It assists in the formation of red blood cells and is a transporter of oxygen to every cell, providing us with the necessary burst of energy we all need to help us through our daily tasks. Iron also assists the memory and the ability to concentrate, and can improve the state of healthy activity and mood. In addition, Iron helps build resistance to infection, stress and disease.

Red iron syrup is beneficial for Iron Deficiency High Risk Groups
Menstruating Women (especially teenagers)
Pregnant Women
Lactating Mothers
Strict Vegetarians and Vegans
Elderly People (with increasing age iron deficiency becomes more common in both men and

Red Iron syrup  can be taken orally with water, after meals. 
Use under medical supervision.
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