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R Qual Plus Tablet

R Qual Plus Tablet


Information about R Qual Plus Tablet

R Qual Plus Tablet contain Lycopene, Vitamin A, Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), Vitamin C, Zinc, Methionine, and L-Seleomethionine.
Lycopene, Vitamin A, E and C are all Antioxidants in nature and help cleanse body from free radicals generated within the body during chemical reactions. Selenomethionine is a naturally occurring amino acid which acts as an Antioxidant, because of its ability to deplete reactive oxygen species.
R Qual Plus Tablet slow down the aging process and destroy harmful free radicals to help protect you from stroke, cancer, and heart disease. It is also used to maintain the physical and mental well-being in geriatric patients.
R Qual Plus Tablet is used:
•    Gives feeling of well-being
•    Proven Immunomodulatory
•    Combats Stress and Fatigue
•    An ideal adjunct with antihypertensive therapy
•    Buffers age related physiological decline
•    Good supplementation with anticoagulants
•    Meets out deficiency of vitamin and minerals
Directions to use:
1-2 Tablets two times a day.

Use under medical supervision.
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