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Polident Fresh Active Cleanser

Polident Fresh Active Cleanser

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Information about Polident Fresh Active Cleanser

Polident Fresh Active Cleanser contains a strong cleansing system with anti-bacterial properties. Polident cleanser is useful for cleaning dentures, and for removing stains and odor from them efficiently and quickly. Role of Key Ingredients The anti-bacterial cleansing system of Polident Cleanser eliminates 99.9 percent of the odor-generating bacteria on dentures, decreases plaque formation, and eliminates difficult-to-remove stains to keep the dentures clean and white. Non-abrasive and gentle, the system leaves dentures undamaged.

Directions for Use
1. Put one tablet in very warm water.
2. Allow water to cover dentures completely.
3. Leave dentures in water for 3 minutes.
4. Scrub dentures with the denture cleanser solution using a soft brush.
5. Rinse using running water.
6. Discard cleanser solution immediately.

Use under medical supervision
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