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(750 ML liquid in bottle)
Product Details
Patanjali Khas sharbat contains Khus, sugar, Nimbu sat, glucose. Khus Sharbat/Syrup is a cool, sweet, refreshing and tasty drink. This green colour drink is diuretic, soothing and cooling in nature.

Khus Sharbat is prepared from root extract of khus plant Khas. Khas is a dense grass, found throughout the plains and lower hills of India.

Benefits of Khus Sharbat
Khus Sharbat offers several health benefits in hot summer days, a glass of khus sharbat not only quenches thirst but also helps in following condition burning sensation all over the body, burning micturition/urination, excessive thirst, dehydration, water and fluid imbalance due to extreme heat, Raktapitta/bleeding disorder or haemorrhage, fever due to heat, redness in eyes.
Direction of use: 
Add 2 tea spoon full or 30 ml mixed in a glass of water stir and add ice cubes as required.
Not to be consumed by diabetic patients.


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