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Optim Health Weight Capsule
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Product Details
Optim Health Weight Capsule contains Green Tea - 67.40 %, Cocoa extract - 12.25 %, Ginger Root - 6.13 %, Chromium - 0.004 % and Caffeine.

Role of key ingredients:
Green Tea contain gallates dervatives which enhance the body metabolic rate and other thermogenesis processes which lead to burning of stored fat.
Chromium is used to regulate the blood sugar level by enhancing the glucose uptake of the cell.
Cocoa butter have a positive effect on fat burning and serotonin level. Serotonin plays are key role in long term weight management by regulating the mood of a patient.
Ginger root have found to enhance thermogenesis and dilate blood vessel which further detoxify the body.

Optim Health Weight Capsule is used for healthy weight management.

Use under medical supervision.
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