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Optim Health Cardiovascular Capsule
Product Details
Optim Health Cardiovascular Capsule contains Hawthorne Berry, Phytosterol 24.27%, Coenzyme Q10 12.14%, Guggulipid Guggulsterones 9.12% and Lecithin 6.07%.

Role of key ingredients:
Hawthorne Berry improves blood circulation by dilation of blood vessels. It is also known for its anti-oxidant action.
Phytosterol have shown to reduce the bad cholesterol level by blocking its absorbtion.
Co-enzyme Q10 functions as anti-oxidant and fights against free radicals and provides essential energy to cells, neutralizes free radicals, improve energy production in cells and prevent blood clot formation in arteries.
Guggulipid Guggulsterones are used for its cholesterol lowering effects.

Optim Health Cardiovascular Capsule is used to treat and prevent cardiovascular disorders.

Use under medical supervision.
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