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(40 GM cream in tube)
Product Details
Oilatum Cream contains Light Liquid Paraffin and White Soft Paraffin.

Role of active ingredients:
Light Liquid paraffin acts as lubricant and keeps the stool soft, useful in treatment of constipation, anal fissure, haemorrhoids and in painful conditions of anus.
White soft paraffin is used to smooth and soften your skin.
Light Liquid Paraffin and White Soft Paraffin exert an emollient effect by forming an occlusive film which reduces trans-epidermal water loss, thus helping to maintain normal skin humidity levels. Polyvinyl pyrrolidone enhances the strength and longevity of the occlusive film formed by the oil on the skin.

Oilatum Cream is used in the treatment of contact dermatitis, atopic eczema, senile pruritus, ichthyosis and related dry skin conditions.

Use under medical supervision


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