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    Nycil Classic Dusting Powder

    (30 gm Dusting Powder in packet)
    Nycil Classic  Dusting Powder
    Product Details
    Nycil Classic Dusting Powder contains an effective combination of Starch, Chlorphenesin and Zinc oxide. Nycil’s unique 3-way formula prevents,fights and soothes against prickly heat.
    Nycil is a prickly heat powder which works by killing off harmful bacteria around the skin thus improving the ability of healthier skin cells to form and regenrate. 
    Role of key ingredients:
    Starch absorbs sweat and keeps skin dry 
    Chlorphenesin act as anti-bacterial & anti-fungal agent
    Zinc oxide soothes & protects the skin
    These ingredients are designed to improve cellular turnover in the skin and clean out old marks. 
    Use under Medical Supervision.


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