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Nuroz Forte Softgels

Nuroz Forte Softgels

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Information about Nuroz Forte Softgels

Nuroz Forte Softgels contains Methylcobalamin, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Folic Acid and Pyridoxine. 
Benefits of key ingredients:
Methylcobalamin is used for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy and peripheral neuropathy. 
Alpha-Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that is made by the body and is found in every cell. It acts as both water-soluble and fat-soluble agents to help the glucose to convert into energy. 
Folic Acid is a Vitamin B that synthesises and repairs DNA. Consumption of Folic acid aids in producing healthy red blood cells. 
Pyridoxine is important for the breakdown of protein, fats, and carbohydrates from foods.
Nuroz Forte Softgels provide relief from burning, pain and paraesthesia of neuropathy. Because of its therapeutic property, this medication is effective in reducing high-intensity pain, numbness and tingling sensations. 
Use under medical supervision

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