Homenulyte z powder
Nulyte Z Powder

Nulyte Z Powder

35 gm Powder

Information about Nulyte Z Powder

Nulyte Z Powder contains Polyethylene glycol, Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium chloride, and Potassium chloride. Nulyte Z, supplied as a powder, must be reconstituted with water before its use. It is not for direct ingestion.
Potassium chloride is an essential mineral for good organ function and body, prescribed in hypokalemia and needed for several functions in the body. Sodium chloride is a salt supplement used to treat low sodium. It helps maintain salt and water balance by pulling extra fluid out of a swollen area.
Nulyte Z Powder is used to replace fluids and minerals (such as Sodium, Potassium) lost due to diarrhea and vomiting. It helps prevent or treat the loss of too much body water (dehydration). Having the right amount of fluids and minerals is important for the normal functioning of the body.
Directions for use:
Fill the container containing the Nulyte Z powder with 4 liter lukewarm water (to facilitate dissolution). The solution is clear and colorless when reconstituted to a final volume of 4 liters.
After capping the container, shake vigorously several times to ensure that the ingredients are dissolved.
When reconstituted use within 48 hours.

Use under medical supervision.
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