Homenmf e urea cream
NMF e Urea Cream

NMF e Urea Cream

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Information about NMF e Urea Cream

NMF E Urea Cream contains Urea and Aloe vera in a base of ethoxylated lanolin.
Urea hydrates and moisturizes the skin to prevent dryness and hyperkeratosis. Aloe vera confers anti-inflammatory effects, reduces skin itching due to dryness, and moisturizes the skin. Lanolin base makes the skin lustrous.
NMF E Urea Cream benefits ichthyoisis and psoriasis patients, and can be used as a cost-effective and safe alternative to or along with topical corticosteroids. The moisturizing skin cream is also useful for those suffering from foot fissures, chapped skin, dull and ageing skin, and skin damaged by sunlight. Pregnant women, surgery and plaster patients can use this intense moisturizing cream to reduce stretch marks and post-surgery scars, and to restore skin moisture and luster.

Use under medical supervision.
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