Homenew zinfex d capsule
New Zinfex D Capsule

Information about New Zinfex D Capsule

Zinfex-D capsule is an antioxidant, multivitamin and multimineral preparation containing zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, vitamins C and E. The above ingredients make Zinfex-D an ideal supplement for maintaining healthy hair and skin.
Calcium pantothenate in the preparation prevents premature graying of hairs and strengthens the hair follicle. Biotin facilitates healthy hair growth and decreases hair fall. The minerals provide antioxidant effect and protects the skin and hairs from harmful effects of free radicals. Basically the combination of ingredients increases nutrient supply to the scalp.
Zinfex-D is recommended for various problems of hair (scalp issues, premature greying, and hair fall) and skin (acne, dry skin)

Directions of use
Take one capsule twice a day after a healthy meal.

Use under medical supervision
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