Homeneurodol plus tablet
Neurodol Plus Tablet

Neurodol Plus Tablet

10 tablets

Information about Neurodol Plus Tablet

Neurodol Plus Tablet contains Thiamine, Pyridoxine, Cyanocobalamin.Vitamin B1 is a water soluble Vitamin and is involved in many body functions, including nervous system and muscular system, digestion, and carbohydrate metabolism. very less quantity of vitamin b1 is stored in the body and depletion occurs within 14 days of intake.

Benefits of Neurodol Plus Tablet:
Used for the treatment for metabolic disorders and thiamine deficiency symptoms including beriberi (disease affecting heart And Nervous System)
Given to people suffering from specific medical conditions like alcoholism, Crohn's disease, and anorexia
Given to those undergoing dialysis for their kidneys or taking loop diuretics are also at risk for thiamine deficiency.

Use under medical supervision.
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