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Product Details
Nervz Foot Cream is well formulated moisture providing cream for the dry and rough foot. Nervz Foot Cream contains Allantoin, Dimethicone, Urea, propylene glycol, glycerin and liquid paraffin.

Benefits of Key ingredients:
Allantoin works as an emollient for the dry skin by forming a layer over the dry skin. It prevents any further loss of water from the skin surface and thereby help in restoring the moisture.
Dimethicone, an important silicone based polymer, provides smooth application of skincare products for uneven textures. It is explicitly used in products such as primers, creams to serve as a protective layer for the skin.
Urea, as has been termed as body’s Natural moisturizing factor, helps in unpacking the dry skin cells and thereby expose the water bonding sites. This further assists these cells to absorb and retain the moisture.
Propylene glycol and poly forms (such as butylene) of the glycols act as humectant by attracting water. It significantly contributes by reducing the viscosity of the substance.
Glycerine, a skin repairing ingredient, is amongst the established ingredient in the skincare products. Glycerine in combination with other components readily puts a barrier on the skin and does not allow loss of water from the skin.
Liquid paraffin serves as the emollient and white soft paraffin as skin lubricant.

Use under medical supervision


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