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    (10 capsules in strip)
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    Natoz Capsule is an Antioxidant contains Grape seed extract, Natural Beta-carotene, d-alpha tocopherol, Mineral ascorbate, Lycopene, and Lutein.
    Grape seed extracts is one of the most powerful antioxidants that combats free radicals. Lycopene provides healthy support to cardiovascular system; helps prevent cholesterol from being oxidized. Lutein increases skin hydration, elasticity and decreases skin lipid peroxidation. Beta carotene is a provitamin of Vitamin A, a very powerful Antioxidant which enhances immune system and is responsible for improving vision, and proper functioning of the skin. Wheat germ oil or Vitamin E is primary defender against lipid peroxidation. Mineral ascorbate offers the goodness of ascorbic acid with the advantage of longer action since it stays longer in the body due to its partly hydrophilic and partly lipophilic nature.
    Natoz Capsule is used for the indication:
    •    Oxidative stress and metabolic syndrome
    •    Articular disorders
    •    Dermatological conditions
    •    Ophthalmologic disorders
    •    Enhances Vitamin A absorption

    Use under medical supervision.


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