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(15 capsules in strip)
Product Details
Natmax Turbo Capsule is a traditional antioxidant containing Multivitamins and Multiminerals. Natmax Turbo capsule contains Vitis vinifera as main constituent in addition to other natural antioxidants.
Vitis vinifera improves memory and brain function and prevent the vital organs heart, liver and brain from free radical induced damage.
Natmax Turbo Capsule help in fight and prevent cancer, provide eye health, loaded with antioxidants, help reduce appetite, aids digestion, improves wound healing, have anti-aging property, increases energy, purifies liver, removes heavy metals from the body, increase fat burning, detoxes the body, and boosts immune system.
Directions for use:
1 Capsule of Natmax once or twice daily orally after meal with water.
Use under medical supervision.


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