Homemilmaffin oral solution
Milmaffin Oral Solution

Milmaffin Oral Solution

of170 ml Oral Solution

Information about Milmaffin Oral Solution

Milmaffin Oral Liquid is a laxative in nature. It is formulated using magnesium hydroxide and liquid paraffin.

Liquid Paraffin is a faecal softener which serves as an emollient and eases the release.
Magnesium hydroxide serves as an electrolytic solution that provides ions to the body to assist the process.

Mimaffin Oral Liquid is recommended in Constipation, Hyperacidity with constipation, Anorectal disorder, Post-operative constipation, Constipation associated with chronic cholecystitis.

Direction for use:
15-30 ml before breakfast or at bedtime.
Children: Over 7 years: 7.5 ml-15 ml at bedtime. 3-7 years: 5-10 ml at bedtime.
It is not recommended for children under 3 years. The dose may be mixed with milk or half a glass of water if desired.

Use under medical supervision
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