Mepore Bandage
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Information about Mepore Bandage

Mepore Bandage is a gentle, secure and long lasting self-adhesive dressing made up of a non-woven viscose which is coated with a polymer layer, has good absorption properties.
Mepore Bandage is used to heal minor cuts, scrapes and surgical wounds in a faster and way. It protects the wound from dirt, water and germs that can cause infection, thereby promoting fast healing.

Directions of use:
Rinse the wound with clean water and dry the area with a clean piece of cloth or cotton.
Place the Mepore Bandage on the wound, covering the injured area with the centre of the band-aid sticker.
Gently remove the stickers on the side, to stick the band-aid on the affected area.

Use under medical supervision.
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