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Mark Calamine Lotion

Mark Calamine Lotion

60 ml Lotion

Information about Mark Calamine Lotion

Mark Calamine Lotion contains a good quantity of calamine. The calamine helps to ease the skin and soothe cases of itchiness. Mark Calamine Lotion is an anti-itch lotion that works for cases where rashes, blistering or other issues might be found around the skin. This offer quick relief from itching, irritation and other serious problems caused by various skin conditions. This is well-tolerated by most people and can be used for many conditions regardless of how intense they might become.

Directions for use:
Cleanse your application area
Acquire the required amount of lotion
Apply on the area with figure tips
Gently massage the lotion in a circular motion
Wipe off the excess product before closing the tube
Apply morning and evening for best results

Use under medical supervision.
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