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Information about Mansex Tablet

Mansex Tablet contains Suvarna Makardwaj - 5mg, Kaucha beej -180mg, Aswgandha -120mg, Purified Shilajit - 50mg, Vidarikand - 50mg, Shatavari Dry Powder - 50mg, Gokshur - 30mg, Jayphal - 25mg, Yashtimadhu - 30mg and Purified vishtinduk - 50mg.

Role of Key Ingredients:
Kaucha beej is a medicinal plant which contains L-Dopa that helps in increasing testosterone, sexual libido in both men and women.
Aswgandha is a plant that increases sexual desire and also used for fertility problems.
Purified Shilajit is used as a powerful rejuvenator, helps in increasing stamina and enhancing energy.
Vidarikand is a rejuvenating drug which increases sexual desire.
Shatavari is used as a rejuvenating tonic for women.
Gokshura helps in rejuvenating the reproductive glands and increases sexual virility.
Yashtimadhu improves sperm count.
Mansex Tablet is used for loss of libido, ED, premature ejaculation and general debility.

Direction of use:
Take one or two tablets of Mansex three times a day after meals.

Use under medical supervision.
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