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Product Details
Lucidum Cleansing Lotion is skin cleansing lotion meant for clear and bacteria free skin. It contains Cetyl Alcohol ,Stearyl Alcohol, Propylene glycol ( base).
This therapeutic skin cleanser is recommended for cleansing damaged skin and removing dirt/make-up. The Lucidum cleanser leaves skin supple, smooth, and dirt-free from the first application. With balanced pH level between 6.3-6.5 approximately, the skin cleanser is fragrance-free and non-comedogenic. The non-drying, hypoallergenic, and non-irritating Lucidum cleanser is effective in retaining skin’s natural level of moisture.

Benefits of Lucidum cleansing lotion
Hydrates skin and provides soothing and moisturizing effect.
Acne Eczematous skin e.g., Atopic Dermatitis, Contact Dermatitis, Hand Foot Eczema, Diaper Dermatitis Xerotic skin.
Dry, sensitive irritated skin caused by the use of retinoids and/or other topical anti-acne or oral medications.
Any dermatoses where the use of ordinary soap aggravates the condition e.g., Ichthyosis.

Direction for use:
Apply lotion in the morning and in the evening and gently work in with the fingers.
Wipe off excess with cotton wool, tissue or damp cloth.
Alternatively rinse off with clear water.

Use under medical Supervision


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