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    LP #130XT X-Tremus Wrist Brace XXL

    (1 Band in packet)
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    LP #130XT X-Tremus Wrist Brace XXL
    Product Details
    LP #130XT X-Tremus Wrist Brace is recommended in wrist sprain and gripping weakness.
    Benefits of LP #130XT X-Tremus Wrist Brace:
    1. Y pattern Stable Contoured Structure around carpal bones provides stability without excess pressure over carpal tunnel.
    2. Contoured around thumb with opening applied to thenar muscles enhances sensory-motor control. Contour below finger crest allows for optimum finger motions.
    3.Stripe Pattern Magic Power Band over medial forearm enhances gripping ability, wrist strap reinforces forearm stability.
    4. Durable Fitting Knit with high permeability fabric ensures wearing durability and breathability.
    5. Strap around the wrist strengthen stability and provides customized pressure.
    Available sizes:
    S (Measure the circumference of your wrist.-13.0~14.5 cm)
    M (Measure the circumference of your wrist.-14.5~16.0 cm)
    L (Measure the circumference of your wrist.-16.0~17.5 cm)
    XL (Measure the circumference of your wrist.-17.5~19.0 cm)
    XXL (Measure the circumference of your wrist.-19.0~20.5 cm)


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