Longaga Powder

Information about Longaga Powder

Longaga powder is a high protein supplement containing hyrolysed proteins that are very easily digested and absorbed by the gut. Longaga is also fortified with minerals and vitamins which makes it a wholesome nutritional supplement. Longaga contains protein 30%, b-Carotene, vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, E, D3, folic acid, niacinamide, calcium D-Patothenate, calcium citrate, manganese, zinc, magnesium, copper, selenium, and chromium.
Longaga powder is recommended for individuals with low protein diet, as a general growth supplement in growing adults. Longaga powder is also useful in pregnancy and during lactation.

Directions of use
Add two tablespoons of Longaga powder to a glass of milk or water and stir until no lumps are visible.

Use this preparation twice a day.
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