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Lodar XP Tablet

Lodar XP Tablet

10 tablets

Information about Lodar XP Tablet

Lodar XP Tablet contains Folic acid, Green tea extract, Lycopene, Selenium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.
Role of key ingredients:
Lycopene is allegedly a more effective antioxidant than other of its carotenoid cousins which include beta-carotene. Its powerful antioxidant actions are effective in maintaining the strength, thickness and fluidity of cell membranes. Cell membranes are the guardians of cells. They are responsible for screening what goes in and out of cells. They allow good nutrients in and remove cellular junk and prevent toxins from entering the cells. Strong healthy cell membranes are vital in the prevention of many diseases.
Green Tea extract: Helps lowering LDL cholesterol levels and inhibits the abnormal formation of blood clots.
Lodar XP Tablet improves the patient’s condition by producing and maturing the red blood cells. Producing antibodies and hemoglobin and by keeping blood sugar level in normal range. Blocking the damage caused by free radicals thus healing wounds and slowing down the processes that damage cells.
Lodar XP Tablet is commonly prescribed for the treatment of anemia, anemia due to folic acid deficiency, and in Cell damage.

Use under medical supervision.
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