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Leukocrepe Bandage

Leukocrepe Bandage

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Information about Leukocrepe Bandage

Leukocrepe is a is a cotton crepe bandage that offers light support performance including stretch and regain. It is made out of 100% high twist cotton and rayon yarns. 
Leukocrepe is a non-adhesive bandage used for:- 
Treatment of varicose venous ulcers
Provides compressive post-surgery or light orthopedic support. 
Supports joints and ligaments after mild strain or a minor surgery.
Provides preventative ankle-strapping for sport. 
Leukocrepe can be used by any age group, and is reusable after washing or sterilising. Leukocrepe bandage has non-fray edges and is extremely soft, which improves comfort and protection. 
Use under medical supervision
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