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Kupid Forte Capsule

Kupid Forte Capsule

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Information about Kupid Forte Capsule

Kupid Fort Capsule contains Maerua arenaria, Curculigo orchiodes, mucuna pruriens. Kupid Fort Capsule is a natural revitalizer and is a proven formulation for stronger and sustained stamina and vitality. Restoring energy, it revives sexual vigor, checks mental and physical fatigue and is a non-hormonal medication that is safe and proven.

Mucuna pruriens is Tonic, Aphrodisiac and Currculigo is nervine sedative

Kupid Fort Capsule is recommended in loss of libido, impotency, premature ejaculations, functional infertility, subnormal sperm count and motility.

Direction for use:
One Capsule to be taken twice daily after meal

Use under medical supervision
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