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Konaz-ZP Lotion

Konaz-ZP Lotion

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Information about Konaz-ZP Lotion

Konaz ZP lotion contains Ketoconazole and Zinc Pyrithione as the active ingredient. The lotion is used for treating fungal infections on skin and scalp.

Key benefits/uses of Konaz ZP lotion:
- Ketoconazole and Zinc Pyrithione: Antifungal medication to prevent fungal growth
- Used to treat skin infections such as Athlete’s foot, ringworm, and certain kind of dandruff
- Also treats Tinea Verisolor, the fungal infection that causes lightening or darkening of neck, chest, arms or legs
- Stops the growth of fungus

Direction for use/Dosage:
- Clean and thoroughly dry the area to be treated
- Wash hands before and after applying this medication
- Apply it to the affected skin and also to a small amount of the normal skin next to this area, usually once a day or as directed by your doctor

- Fungal infections

Storage instructions:
- Store in a cool, dry & dark place
- Protect from direct Sunlight

Safety information:
- Read the label carefully before use
- Do not exceed the recommended dose
- Keep out of the reach and sight of children
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