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    Kerawash Hair Conditioning Shampoo

    (100 ml Shampoo in bottle)
    Kerawash Hair Conditioning Shampoo
    Product Details
    Kerawash hair conditioning shampoo designed to provide advanced protection from daily damage to hair and is suitable for both men & women and is formulated with Beta Vulgaris root extract & Vitamin F Complex that infuse the hair shaft to thicken, strengthen & improve the hair's overall vigor. 
    Kerawash hair conditioning shampoo revitalizes the growth of hair by nourishing the roots from the inside and it also cleanses the hair against the roughness of pollution and dust.
    Benefits of Kerawash Shampoo:
    Replaces natural ceramides lost from hair during regular washing, styling and chemical treatment.
    Prevents colour fading and moisturizes hair for a lustrous look.
    Reduces hair damage
    Cleanses, Repairs & Protects hair from further damage 
    Direction of use:
    Wet hair with warm water
    Apply the shampoo onto the hair
    Gently rub from scalp till tips for about a minute
    Rinse thoroughly
    Continue Using to obtain optimum results 
    Use under medical supervision


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