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    Kera XL Hair Growth Serum

    (60 ml Serum in bottle)
    Kera XL  Hair Growth Serum
    Product Details
    Kera XL is a hair growth serum which is enriched with moisturisers for protection of hair follicles. 
    It contains Coconut essential oil, almond fat along with vitamin E. Each of them strengthen fragile curly hair as well as inhibits breakage. This vitamin E antioxidant oil functions to prevent dried up flaky head. 
    Kera XL Serum strengthens, protects and anchors the hair follicles and reduces micro inflammation leading to reduced hair damage. Kera XL Hair serum prevents re-occurrence of hair problems. It is suitable for all Hair Types and it is ideal for men, women both.
    Directions of Use:
    Take serum on palms
    Rub gently on the affected area of scalp with fingertips
    Use about 1-2 ml or as required by individual
    Use continuously for optimum results
    Use under medical supervision


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