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Jiva Amla Tablet Pack of 3

Jiva Amla Tablet Pack of 3


Pack of 3
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Information about Jiva Amla Tablet Pack of 3

Jiva Amla Tablet has Indian gooseberry (Amla) as the main ingredient. Amla is the king of herbs because of the whole range of vital Ayurveda properties it contains. It balances tri-doshas, purifies the body systems and rejuvenates weakened dhatus. Its blood purifying and digestive properties are unparalleled. If you feel general weakness or are prone to diseases, taking this tablet will boost your immunity and energy levels. Amla is good for all diseases that are caused due to pitta aggravation as it is very effective in pacifying pitta dosha.
Jiva Amla Tablet has Amla(Indian gooseberry).
Directions of uses:
Jiva Amla Tablet to be swallowed with water or as per physician’s advice
Jiva Amla Tablet is recommended for general weakness, low immunity, poor digestion, hair, and eyes disorder.
Jiva Amla Tablet balances the doshas. Amla is also a good rejuvenating and detoxifying agent. Jiva Amla Tablet is also useful in conditions such as diabetes, skin disorders, cough, and asthma. and TB. It has strong blood purifying properties and will help in general debility and lack of appetite.
Contraindications: None.
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