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Information about Ironika Capsule

Ironika Capsule is an iron supplement which contains Carbonyl Iron, Vitamin B12, Folic acid, Zinc and Vitamin C.

Role of Key ingredients:
Carbonyl Iron is a supplement to increase the iron levels in the body to fight conditions such as anemia. The mineral is needed by the body for the production of RBCs and thereby help in maintaining good health.
Folic Acid, helps in balancing of the cells in the human body. It maintains the older cells and produces new blood cells. Deficiency of Vitamin B12 causes enlargement of red blood cells leading to loss of function. Intake of this supplement restores the folate levels and maintains the transfer of oxygen by the RBCs.
Zinc Sulphate improves the absorption of Iron for patients if Iron deficiency Anemia. Additionally, low levels of Zinc have been recorded in patients of Anemia as well.
Vitamin C has been found to improve the absorption of the dietary Iron present in the body. With the increase in Iron, Hb production is increased. Additionally. Vitamin C has been found to aid the process of RBC production.

Ironika Capsule is used in Iron deficiency anemia, Iron deficiency due to chronic blood loss or low intake of iron and Iron deficiency anaemia and nutritional anaemia that occurs especially during pregnancy and lactation.

Use under medical supervision.
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