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Indian Remedies Livoril Capsule Pack of 2

Indian Remedies Livoril Capsule Pack of 2


Pack of 2

Information about Indian Remedies Livoril Capsule Pack of 2

Livoril Capsule is a blend of different herbs and bhasmas by resorting to distinctly developed technique resulting in enhancing efficacy in Liver disorders, hepatitis and jaundice, Bhasma has great value in liver ailments, jaundice anaemias, loss of appetite and indigestion associated with liver disorders. Very effective prophylaxis for alcoholics for Liver diseases and jaundice. Increase R.B.Cs.
Benefits of Livoril Capsule:
Livoril Capsule Stimulates liver cells and indirectly acts as cholagogues. Is is very useful in the beginning stage of cirrhosis of the liver. It also increases the number of R.B.Cs. It is mainly due to Kajjali. 
Livoril Capsule also contains Tamra Bhasma which is effective in the enlargement of liver and viscosity and provides assimilated form of iron to increase the haemoglobin percentage and increase matured R.B.Cs. in the blood. Therefore, very effective in anaemias associated with liver diseases. 
Livoril Capsule stimulates liver cells, removes sluggishness and brings it back to its optimum activity.
Livoril Capsule protects the liver from the toxins produced by the virus. Livoril Capsule corrects liver secretion and thereby corrects digestion and improves appetite.
Livoril Capsule checks anaemias by promoting the production of matured R.B.Cs. and also by improving colour index and haemoglobin percentage
Livoril Capsule corrects and protects fatty degeneration of the liver, hence effective in pre and post cirrhotic condition of the liver. Serum bilirubin rapidly comes down to the normal level, thereby jaundice disappears quickly.
Directions of use:
2 Capsules early morning before breakfast and 2 at night or as directed by the Physician.

Use under medical supervision.

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